Governor O’Malley’s vision for health care reform addresses health care quality, costs, and access together. Governor O’Malley created the Maryland Health Quality and Cost Council through  Executive Order to focus priorities for improving health care in Maryland. The Council brings together health care leaders to collaborate on ways to improve quality and contain costs across the public and private sectors. The Council will lay out a blueprint to make Maryland an international leader in the delivery of health care. 


Mission StatementStethoGraphs.jpg


To maximize the health of the citizens of Maryland through strategic planning, coordination of ​public and private resources, and evaluation that leads to: effective, appropriate, and efficient policies; health promotion and disease prevention initiatives, high quality care delivery, and reductions in disparities in healthcare outcomes


V​ision Statement


The State o​f Maryland is a demonstrated national leader in the implementation of innovative, effective cost containment strategies and the attainment of health and high quality health care. The State’s efforts are guided by a commitment to ensuring that care is safe, effective, patient-centered, timely, efficient, equitable, integrated and affordable.​ 

The Governor's Charge

  • Coordinating and facilitating collaboration on health care quality improvement and cost containment initiatives
  • Making recommendations on health care quality and cost containment initiatives and priorities to policy makers, State and local governmental entities, professional boards, the Maryland Patient Safety Center, industry groups, consumers, and other stakeholders,
  • Developing a chronic care management plan to improve the quality and cost-effectiveness of care for individuals with, or at risk for, chronic disease,
  • Facilitating the integration of health information technology in health care systems, and
  • Examining and making recommendations regarding other issues relating generally to the Council’s mission to improve health care quality and reduce costs in the State.