Office of Forensic Services

Forensic Services

The Office of Forensic Services oversees services provided for individuals with mental illnesses who are court-involved.  These services include:

  • Court-ordered evaluations of individuals whose competency to stand trial or criminal responsibility are at issue in a criminal case,
  • Inpatient services for individuals committed as incompetent to stand trial or not criminally responsible, and
  • Monitoring of individuals found not criminally responsible and court-ordered to conditional release in the community.

The Office also oversees MHA’s presentence psychiatric evaluation program, its presentence sex offender evaluation program (for offenders convicted of sexual abuse of a minor), and its juvenile court ‘competency to proceed’ program.

For sex offenders found not criminally responsible of reportable sex offenses, the Office administers the registration and reporting requirements of the State’s sex offender registration law.

Finally, the Office trains DHMH forensic evaluators, provides technical assistance for hospital and community providers on forensic issues, and collects data on the MHA forensic services system.