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Title: Maryland Multi-Payer Patient Centered Medical Home



Maryland Multi-Payer Patient Centered Medical HomeOrganization: Maryland Health Care Commission (MHCC)

Innovation Type: Medical home supported by shared savings

What They’re Doing: State-wide Medical Home initiative supported by Shared Savings  

Clinical Innovation: Creation of Maryland Learning Collaborative (MLC) to support primary care practices in their transformation into Patient-Centered Medical Homes. The MLC guides practices in developing the Medical Home practice model that   emphasizes integrated care coordination teams and individualized care plans, offering a uniquely flexible and responsive care centers for patients, and featuring 24/7 phone access, same-day appointments, and email communication options. The MLC is led by physicians from the School of Medicine at the University of Maryland and Johns Hopkins Community Physicians and funded through the Community Health Resources Commission

Supportive Financing Mechanism: Maryland law requires the five major insurance carriers and Medicaid to participate. The State Employee Health Plan, Federal Employee Health Benefit Plan, and several self-insured employers have voluntarily joined the program. Each practice enrolled in the program receives transformation payments to finance costs associated with technology adaptation to moving to the medical home structure of care. A standard fee-for-service model per payer applies thereafter, with an annual reconciliation process where current year costs are compared to historical baseline and savings are shared equally between the plan and provider

Evaluation Type: Quasi-Experimental

Evaluation Plan: Evaluation, conducted by IMPAQ, Inc. under contract to MHCC, will assess the impact of the patient-centered medical model on improving quality of care and patient/provider satisfaction in primary care. The evaluation will also examine the impact of the model on total health care costs and on reducing health care disparities. .

Patient Health and Cost Outcomes: Preliminary results available beginning in fall 2012

Target Population: Currently 53 practices (serving over 200,000 patients) participate from across the state.

Date of Implementation: Practices began operating as medical practices in July 2011.

Contact: Susan Myer, smyers@mhcc.state.md.us

Multimedia: Pending 

Where to learn more: http:// mhcc.maryland.gov /pcmh  


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