HHSR Board

Meeting of the Health and Human Services Referral Board

August 24, 2018 11:30 a.m.

Conference Call
Dial-in: 877-273-4202 
Access Code: 7586310

Maryland Health and Human Services Referral (HHSR) Board

The HHSR Board’s role is to provide oversight and guidance to the 2-1-1 Maryland System, working with the board of directors and executive director of 2-1-1 Maryland, Inc., and the four 2-1-1 Maryland call centers. It is also required to make recommendations to the State and 2-1-1 Maryland, Inc., to ensure the 2-1-1 system’s success in serving the people of Maryland effectively.
The HHSR Board was charged to:
  • Maintain public information available from state agencies, programs, and departments that provide health and human services;
  • Support projects and activities that further the development of 2–1–1 Maryland;
  • Examine and make recommendations to maximize the use of information technology in making 2–1–1 services available throughout the state;
  • Evaluate the performance of each 2-1-1 Maryland call center;
  • Make recommendations to 2–1–1 Maryland regarding the quality of service provided by call centers or the performance of call centers when issues related to service quality and performance are presented to the board;
  • Make recommendations regarding corrective action to be taken by a call center, as appropriate; and
  • Develop policies and procedures governing conflict of interest standards for Board members.
The law also requires the HHSR Board to file an annual report to the Governor on or before December 31. For more information about 2-1-1 Maryland please visit www.211md.org