Secretary Sharfstein Testifies on ACA
Since the passage of the Affordable Care Act, Maryland has been a leader among the states in implementing its critical provisions. From the beginning, we have recognized that full implementation of the ACA puts Maryland on a path to better health, a healthier workforce and a stronger economy. The law provides us with many tools to improve care and reduce costs over time. 
As Secretary of DHMH, Dr. Joshua Sharfstein has had the opportunity to travel across Maryland, speaking to and hearing from Marylanders about health care reform, and about how they hope to benefit from it. The questions they ask aren’t about the logistics of setting up a health benefits exchange or the guidance provided by federal officials. Rather, they ask about pain after an accident, or a feared cancer diagnosis, or concern about the future of a child with chronic disease, or a struggle with the emerging complications of diabetes. What they want to know, above all, is “when is help coming?”
This week, Dr. Sharfstein had the opportunity to testify before Congress to describe Maryland’s efforts to implement the ACA. To read Dr. Sharfstein’s testimony, click here. To learn more about Maryland’s efforts to implement health reform, visit To learn more about Maryland's health benefits exchange, Maryland Health Connection, visit its website here.