Heading toward January’s end, how are your ’15 health resolutions going?
By now, the inertia of life has set in for many who'd vowed to be more physically active in 2015.
That multiple-DVD exercise course you ordered while viewing paid programming – as you downed that pint of premium ice cream? Growing dusty.
The new gym clothes you bought over the holidays? They have been worn – for lounging as you watched football games. 
Oh, and the gym membership you got during a “new year, new you” promotion the first week of the year? Let’s not go into the undeclarable donation that has become.
Instead, let’s talk about salvaging the first month of the year and how you still have time to develop better habits for your health.
Today’s news talks about the health risks that come from too many hours sitting – desk job, long commutes, dinner in front of the TV – and that even some exercise isn’t enough to erase those health risks, according to a recent study.
So, in light of the harm that can come from being too sedentary, this week’s challenge is to identify areas and ways in which you can incorporate physical activity. Coverage of the above study includes tips to schedule an hourly break at where you get up and move for a few minutes.
FitWatch recommends making small changes that can benefit your health: Opting to take the stairs where you historically have taken elevators or escalators; playing with your children or pets outdoors; and having outdoor social activities are among the options.
And, once you get the hang of being more physically active, the American Heart Association recommends five ways to build and keep exercising as a habit.
With time and practice, work your way up to more vigorous activities. Maybe you’ll even revisit that gym you’re paying or put in those fitness DVDs.
Move forward!