Crib Bumper Ban and Safe Sleep
Today may be the first day of summer, but it’s not too late for spring cleaning — one that could save your baby’s life. Clean out your crib: no fluffy stuffed animals, pillows, or blankets, and take out that crib bumper.
Starting today, June 21, Maryland is banning the sale of crib bumper pads statewide as an important step in making sleep safer for babies and educating parents about safe sleep practices. Crib bumper pads offer no meaningful benefit and could cause your baby to suffocate.
The ban applies to crib bumpers that are made of non-mesh type material resting directly above the mattress running along the length of each of the interior sides of the crib intended to be used until the age that an infant pulls to stand. 
The ban on the sale of crib bumpers is part of the state’s efforts to educate partners about things they can do to keep babies safe when they sleep. Here are the steps parents should take:
• The ABCs: Place baby Alone, on their Backs, and in a Crib.
• Cribs must be safety-approved with a firm mattress and a well-fitting sheet.
• Babies should never be placed on chairs, sofas, waterbeds, or cushions.
• Cribs should be clean and clear: No blankets, pillows, fluffy toys, crib bumpers, or stuffed animals.
• The crib should be placed in an area that is always smoke-free.
Also this week, the Baltimore City Health Department is reminding dads that they have an important role to play in keeping babies safe. This month, the B’more for Healthy Babies initiative launched its new “SLEEP SAFE” campaign to encourage fathers to start safe sleep practices for their babies, and to encourage fellow dads to do the same:

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