Center for Community Integration, Inc.

Contact Information

1829 Reisterstown Road, Suite 350
Baltimore, MD 21208
Telephone: (443) 280-1983
FAX: (410) 220-0655
Web Address:

Services Offered:

Individual Support Services (ISS), Personal Support, Community Development Services, Transportation Services, and Supported Living Services

Ages Served: Adults 21+

Individuals Have the Following Types of Disabilities:
Austism Spectrum Disorder, Cerebral Palsy, Intellectural Disability, Specific Learning Disability, Speech/Language Impairment

Home Region of DDA: Central

Year Established: 2003

Counties Served: Anne Arundel, Baltimore County, Carroll, Harford, and Howard.

Mission Statement

Center for Community Integration, Inc. is a non-profit 501(C) (3) organization supporting children and adults with special needs. CCI is committed to the belief that all persons have the right to be part of the mainstream of life. Basis to this belief is that all human beings have the right to live and work in the community. CCI advocates for and provides support to persons with developmental disabilities in order to realize these rights within the community. Community integration is accomplished through the residential programs by providing support and encouragement for individuals to become visible, productive members of the community. The Center is dedicated to improve quality of life through an integrative supportive system, care, love, and partnership. The Center provides quality community-based services to help families, vulnerable adults and children achieve social independence. CCI provides a consistent message that the outcomes and procedures utilized should reflect the basic values underlying normalization and integration. CCI believes that as an organization, they exist primarily because of their responsibility as people to the people for whom they provide services in the pursuit of their ultimate goal of true community integration, and that this goal can be achieved in a supportive manner which respects the right of every human being to live with personal dignity.

How to Apply for Services

  • ​Contact CCI, Inc. via phone or e-mail to schedule an interview. CCI, Inc. will respond to every contact within within 24 hours.
  • Visit their program, talk to their staff and individuals in the program, receive program materials. They will will walk you through the process of starting service with you.
  • They encourage that you talk to your CCS and invite him/her to the initial meeting. Please make sure that you compare them to other providers and make your educated choice based on the facts but not emotions. 
  • Go to​ to get detailed information on eligibility for services and other important facts of service delivery in Maryland. 
  • Call Center for Community Integration CEO directly with any questions you may have after the visit.
  • They will welcome you to the family!!!