Caring Hands, Inc.

Contact Information

Residential services, Respite Care

Individuals Have the Following Types of Disabilities:
Autism Spectrum Disorder, Behavioral Problems, Blindness/Severe Visual Impairment, Intellectual disability, Orthopedic Impairment, Cerebral Palsy, Deafness/Severe Hearing Impairment, Epilepsy/Seizure Disorder, Mental Disorder, Specific Learning Disability, Speech/Language Impairment, Multiple Sclerosis,Traumatic Brain Injury.

Ages Served: Residential services for adults over 18 years of age. Respite services dependent upon need, not only age.

Home Region of DDA: Central

Counties Served: Baltimore City, and Harford County.

Year Established: N/A

Mission Statement

Caring Hands, Inc. was founded on the principle of respect for all. Caring Hands is committed to the demonstration of respect in all elements of its operations. Caring Hands accepts as its responsibility, staff and board members, to provide sensitive and dedicated service to the individuals served. Activities should not be limited by a person's disability, but instead persons should be encouraged to surmount barriers. By focusing on strengths, abilities and interests, Caring Hands, Inc. seeks to enable and empower the individuals whom Caring Hands serves.

Steps Individuals Must Take to Apply for Services

Interested parties can contact the agency directly, contact the Central Maryland Regional office, or their local resource coordination office. Inquiries can also be made to the Developmental Disabilities Administration.

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