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The DDA is committed to seeking input on policy proposals from participants, families, Coordination of Community Service agencies, community providers, and advocacy organizations.

The DDA will post proposed policies for stakeholder feedback below. Stakeholders will have two weeks to submit their input from the time a proposed policy is posted. The DDA may include specific questions that will help guide our decision making; however, we welcome all constructive feedback for improving our policies. 

In the event of emergent policy decisions, this process may not be used at the discretion of the Deputy Secretary. 

Proposed Policies​

Public input can be submitted electronically to wfb.dda@maryland.gov or mailed​ to the DDA Federal Program Unit at 201 West Preston Street, 4th Floor, Baltimore, MD 21201. 

What happens to my feedback? 

The DDA will consider all feedback received. Following the stakeholder input period the DDA will summarize the recommendations from the public and DDA responses which will be posted with the final version of the policy at the DDA Policy Stak​eholder Input Archive​​. ​

All final published policies can be found on PolicyStat​.

Tips for Submitting Effective Public Comments

Here are some tips for submitting comments:

  • Point to a specific policy section. For example: Definitions, Criteria to be Eligible, Special Service Requirements and Limitations, etc.
  • Suggest specific recommendations and revised language  when possible and appropriate.
  • If you disagree with part of a policy, suggest an alternative.
  • Comment on information with which you agree.

Stakeholder Groups 

The DDA frequently forms stakeholder groups to work and advise on policy topics. Visit this section to check for opportunities to participate. The DDA may limit participation in stakeholder groups based on size of the group and role of participants. The DDA may also reach out to stakeholders through other avenues to ensure broad and diverse perspectives are represented.

Policy Stakeh​older Input Archive