Community Pathways Waiver - Renewal 2018 Proposed Services

​Self-Directed Support Services

October 2017

The Community Pathways Waiver Renewal 2018 Self-Directed Support Services proposed services have been updated to reflect input from various stakeholders.  There are two options to review the new proposals included an “Edited” and “Clean” version.

The “Edited” version shows the various track changes that were made to the May 2017 version shared for the Service Symposium.

The “Clean” version is the current proposal without any track changes for the edits made which may be easier to review.

Notes: Support Broker Services will be moving to an administrative service in July 2018 which will be noted in Appendix E along with Fiscal Management Services. The Self-Directed Steering Committee is proposing roles and responsibilities related to self-directed supports including Support Brokers and Fiscal Management Services.  The DDA will consider their recommendations before finalizing the service proposal in the Community Pathways Waiver federal application that will be posted soon for public input in November 2017.