Glossary & Acronyms [ Acronyms ]

Administrative Services Organization (ASO)

An organization retained to provide administrative services, such as utilization review, preauthorization of services, and payment of claims.

Augmentation grants

Grants to pay for additional services provided to clients who have needs that are in excess of those typically experienced.

Capitation payment

A payment for a defined range of services for a defined period of time that may vary with the characteristics of the client. Normally, the capitation payment is expressed as a set amount per member per month. These rates are normally not affected by the number or type of actual services provided to the client.

Case rates

Payment rates that are based on the characteristics of the client and cover all of a defined range of services for a defined period of time. These rates are normally not affected by the number or type of actual services provided to the client.


Community Services Reimbursement Rate Commission.

Consumer safety costs

The costs incurred by a provider for care that is provided to comply with any regulatory requirements in the staffing or manner of care provided, including: 24-hour overnight awake supervision; and other cost factors related to health and safety that are stated in the care plan required for an individual.


A portion of a bill that is the responsibility of the patient and that applies when certain services are rendered. The amount usually varies by the nature of the service and the amount of the bill. This payment supplements the payment that is made by a third-party payer.

Core Service Agency (CSA)

A county-level agency responsible for planning and monitoring services at the local level.

CPT-4 codes

Current Procedural Terminology, fourth edition. A standardized system for numerically encoding health care procedures.


A payment system in which payments are made for individual services provided using a preset fee schedule.

Fee Payment System

The principal payment system used by DDA. This is the successor to the DDA PPS.

Gray-area individuals

Individuals who are not eligible for Medicaid, but who are eligible for publicly subsidized services.

Health Care Access and Cost Commission (HCACC)

An independent State of Maryland commission responsible for, among other things, collecting and disseminating data on health practitioner payments.

Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA)

The Federal agency responsible for, among other responsibilities, administering the Medicare and Medicaid programs. Now renamed to Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

Health Services Cost Review Commission (HSCRC)

An independent State of Maryland commission responsible for setting the rates of the hospitals in Maryland.

Home- and community-based waiver

A waiver provided to the State by the Federal Government allowing the Medicaid program to pay for services in the patient's home or in the community, rather than requiring that the services be provided in an institutional setting.

Individual (or client) component

The portion of the payment rate that is based on the requirements of the individual client.

Maryland Health Care Commission

The State agency formed by the combination of the Health Care Access and Cost Commission and the Health Resources Planning Commission.


An alternative name for the Medical Assistance Program.

Medical Assistance Program

A State-run program that pays for health care and long-term care services to individuals who satisfy certain qualifying criteria, particularly including income limits. This program is jointly funded by the State and Federal Governments.


A Federal program that pays for acute health care services, including but not limited to inpatient hospital, outpatient, and physician services, for elderly or disabled individuals.

Prospective Payment System (PPS)

A payment system in which the payment rate is established in advance of the provision of services and is not altered based on the actual costs incurred by the provider.


A community-based agency or program funded: by the Developmental Disabilities Administration to serve individuals with developmental disabilities; or by the Mental Hygiene Administration to serve individuals with mental disorders.

Provider component

The portion of the payment rate that is intended to pay for administrative services and overhead. Specifically, this portion of the payment covers administrative, capital, general, and transportation costs.


The reimbursement rate paid by the Department to a provider from State general funds, Maryland Medical Assistance Program funds, other State or federal funds, or a combination of those funds.

Section 1115 Waiver

A waiver of Medicaid regulations provided by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to a State allowing for a managed care program for all or part of the Medicaid beneficiary population.

Supported employment

The provision of services related to helping a client find work or retain employment.

Transition plan

A plan to alleviate the immediate impact of the change in the payment system by phasing in the impact over a period of time.




Administrative, General, Capital, and Transportation


Administrative Services Organization


Council for Behavioral Health (formerly MAPSS and MCCMHP)


Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (formerly HCFA)


Current Procedural Terminology, fourth edition


Core Service Agency


Community Services Reimbursement Rate Commission


Developmental Disabilities Administration


Department of Health and Mental Hygiene


Diagnosis-related Group


Fee Payment System


Health Care Access and Cost Commission


Health Care Financing Administration


Health Services Cost Review Commission


Maryland Association of Community Services


Maryland Association of Psychiatric Support Services


Maryland Council of Community Mental Health Programs, Inc.


Mental Hygiene Administration


Maryland Health Care Commission


Maryland Health Partners


Outpatient Mental Health Clinic


Public Mental Health System


Prospective Payment System


Technical Advisory Group