Because CLASS IV lasers run the gamut of low range therapeutic to high intensity/ablative cutting lasers, the Board  provides the following guidance to insure that only non-ablative, therapeutic lasers are used.
After considerable discussion and careful review by the Board of Examiners concerning the use of Class IV Laser by a Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) and/or the Registered Chiropractic Assistant (CA), it has been determined that Class IV Laser is appropriate and may be considered to fin under the classification of ‘cold’ laser in the current regulations, provided that the following are adhered to:
  1.     The Class IV device must be designed, designated, and issued as a Class IV Therapeutic Laser only, not ‘industrial’, ‘surgical’, or ‘military’ grade;
  3.     Class IV Therapeutic Laser cannot emit an ablative beam and may not be utilized for ablation (cutting or burning of tissues) under any circumstances by either the CA or DC;
  5.     Class IV Therapeutic Laser includes all wattages as long as the laser is therapeutic and non-ablative.
    Any existing or prospective requirements, directions or regulations promulgated by the device manufacturer or Agency (should such be promulgated in the future) governing the use of Class IV Therapeutic Lasers.  A CA assisting in Class IV Therapeutic Laser may not be trained solely by the DC or by any other employee of the office, but must be trained by an educational institution or through a bona fide laser device manufacturer/ company distributing the Class IV Therapeutic Laser device.  This means that all staff performing Class IV Therapeutic Laser in the office must each be trained to use the device and thus be able to produce proof of such training upon request.
The Board of Chiropractic Examiners work diligently to ensure that the public is protected from harm and abuse.  It is the practitioner’s duty to ensure that all state and federal laws are understood and are being complied with regarding the use of Class IV Therapeutic Lasers.  If you have any further questions regarding this matter, don’t hesitate to contact the Board.
Stephanie Chaney, DC