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​Tobacco Cessation Program – Quit Smoking Tips

When you decide to quit smoking you will feel better and your health will improve! 


​Benefits of Quitting  

- In just the first 24 hours of quitting your heart rate and blood pressure will return to normal and your lungs will start to clear mucus and debris so in time it will be easier to breathe.

- Your chance of developing heart disease, cancer, and stroke will decrease.

- Your skin will look healthier and you’ll appear younger.

- Your sense of taste and smell will improve, making food taste better.

- You will have more money to spend. 

- You will not have to worry about when and where you can smoke next.

- You will have more time and energy to spend with friends and family.

- You will protect others from the dangers of second hand smoke.


We Can Help You Kick The Habit!

Individual Tobacco Cessation Counseling

Individual counseling is available for those seeking private one-on-one sessions to help them quit smoking.

Offered select days and times at the Caroline County Health Department – 403 South 7th Street Denton, MD 21629

 You will work with a nurse or quit coach to build a personalized quit plan. 

The focus will be on your strengths and how to making this quit attempt successful.

The program is based on 6 in-person meetings and follow-up contact for cessation maintenance. Follow up meetings may be done in person, over the phone, via email or a combination of these methods.  

Nicotine replacement products including nicotine patches, gum, and/or lozenges can be provided to individuals participating in one-on-one meetings. Nicotine replacement products are provided to interested clients that maintain frequent contact with their quit coach, at no cost to the client.  Clients receiving nicotine replacement products must obtain a note from their doctor stating it is okay for him or her to take nicotine replacement products. Doctor’s notes may be brought in during the initial meeting or faxed to us ahead of time at (410)-479-2014.  No medications will be dispensed until doctor’s note is obtained. Clients do not have to take nicotine replacement products to be seen one-on-one for cessation assistance.


For more information or to sign up for individual cessation counseling call 410-479-8080.


Caroline County is pleased to be able to offer on-site smoking cessation classes to local organizations and businesses. If your business or organization could benefit from this type of program please contact Heather Reed, RN BSN at 410-479-8081 or by email at to learn more.

Need Help Quitting NOW????

Call the Maryland Quit Line at 1-800-QUIT-NOW for free assistance that is available 24/7. You can also visit their website by clicking on the link 

Quick Quit Tips

Delay your Cravings – Most cravings will pass within 3-5 minutes.

Deep Breathe – Take several slow deep breathes. This not only calms you down but also gets oxygen deep into your lungs and the rest of your body and makes you feel better.

Distraction – Find something else to do! Go for a walk, change what you are doing, listen to music, call a friend, etc.

Drink Lots of Water – ​Water will quench your thirst, hydrate you and it will help flush the toxins from cigarettes out of your body.