Caroline County Health Department

     Developmental Disabilities Program
Coordination of Community Services
The Program assists individuals with developmental disabilities who receive funding from the Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA), DHMH  State of Maryland in obtaining the best quality and most appropriate services and supports.
The Caroline County Coordination of Community Services Program is a part of the Caroline County Health Department that supports individuals with developmental disabilities in living a healthy and happy life in their community.
Coordinators of Community Services assist individuals with developmental disabilities in obtaining the best quality and most appropriate services available within their community. The services are uniquely tailored to meet the individuals’ needs. We are a team of highly qualified professionals skilled in conducting comprehensive assessment for determining eligibility for DDA services and connecting individuals with services that meet their unique needs. We help them develop an individualized life plan based on their strengths, needs, preferences, and choices. The resource coordinator will facilitate the development of the Individual Planning process and monitor progress towards the chosen outcomes. 
Coordinators of Community Servicesprovide targeted case managementcoordinate services for eligible individuals, monitor services rendered and advocate for individuals receiving services.
The CCS assistsTransitioning Youth  and their families in planning for transition to  the adult world, helps the student access  GTYI funding, provides individualized planning and resources including  information about employment, benefits, advocacy, college, health insurance, housing, futures and estates planning, recreation, transportation, and more, based on their unique needs.
The Coordinator of Community ServicesCoordinator of Community Services assists individuals with developmental disabilities with navigating the system to access Home and Community-based Services like Residential / Community Supported Living, Day /Vocational / Supported Employment and Respite and Low Intensity Support services in the most integrated setting possible using available resources.
Information :
 Toll Free :
 Location :
403 S 7th Street
 Denton MD
Nilanjana Moulick
Program Director
Developmental Disabilities Resource Coordination
Email: Nilanjana.Moulick@
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)    
1.How to Apply for  DDA services :
Visit  or  Call 410.572.5920
2.Eligibility Requirements for DDA Services:
An individual is eligible for a full range of services if he/ she has a severe chronic disability that:
v  Is attributed to a mental or physical impairment or both.
v  Is manifested before the individual attains the age of 22;
v  Is likely to continue indefinitely;
v  Results in the inability to live independently without external support or continuing and regular assistance; Is addressed by a combination and sequence of special, multi-disciplinary or generic care, treatment or other services which are of lifelong or extended duration and are individually planned and coordinated.
v  Results in substantial functional limitations in at least 3 areas of major life activities:
o    Self Care
o    Receptive & Expressive Language
o    Learning
o    Mobility
o    Self-Direction
o    Capacity For Independent Living
3.Documents required :
ü     Name, address, and phone number 
ü     Date of birth 
ü     Social Security number 
ü     Insurance information (e.g. Medical assistance, Medicare, SSDI) 
ü     Type of service being sought (e.g. day, residential or support services) 
ü     Documentation of disability 
ü     Primary contact person and their phone number
            4. FORMS:     (links to be provided)
Program Brochure
Caroline County Health Department Referrals
DDA Application for Services
Respite Application
Behavior Support Services
Low Intensity Support Services ( LISS )
5. DISABILITY RESOURCES: ( links to be provided)
Transitioning Youth
Technology Assistance
Employment & Training
Futures & Estate Planning
Therapeutic Recreation