Addiction Recovery Services
Ph:   410-479-1882
Fx:   410-479-4918
TTY: 410 479 2159
Program Director: Joe K. Jones LCADC, LAA
The Caroline Counseling Center offers education and individual and group therapy to those with drug and alcohol problems.  The Addiction Program provides outpatient services at the Health Department and in the schools.  Referrals to other treatment programs and agencies, as well as AA/NA, are made when appropriate.
Services Include:
·             Outpatient treatment for adult and adolescent substance abuse
·             Adolescent counseling
·             Aftercare counseling
·             Treatment for those with Co-Occurring Disorders (i.e., a diagnosed
            substance abuse and mental health disorder)
·             Assessment and evaluation
·             Education groups
·             Family Services
·             Group Counseling
·             Individual Counseling
·             Prevention
·             Referrals from the courts, attorneys, doctors, hospitals, family, and self

Adolescent Chemical Abuse
We can help adolescents break free from starting a life of alcohol or other drug abuse.  We all know that adolescence is an extremely difficult period, a time when teenagers often experiment with drugs and alcohol.  This experimentation can turn into far more serious problems. 
The Caroline Counseling Center provides help for adolescents who may already have a serious problem with chemicals or may just be starting to experiment.  We can provide guidance necessary to help an adolescent make a responsible choice about using chemicals.  Our trained adolescent counselors provide the following services:
·             Evaluation and assessment
·             Individual counseling at the agency and in schools 
·             Education groups at the agency and in schools
·             Aftercare groups at the agency or in schools
·             Children at risk groups in school
·             Support to juvenile services where chemicals appear to be a factor
·             Student assistance program team members in
·             Caroline County schools
·             Referral to family therapist
·             Referral for inpatient treatment
·             Referral to self-help groups
For those adolescents who concurrently are in trouble with the law, the Caroline Counseling Center participates with the Juvenile Drug Court run by the Circuit Court of Caroline County.  The Circuit Court recognizes that continued use of alcohol and other drugs in adolescent years greatly increases the likelihood of recidivism in the legal system through adulthood.  Therefore, a partnership with the Caroline Counseling Center, Circuit Court, State’s Attorney’s Office, Office of the Public Defender, Department of Juvenile Services and Board of Education was developed to intervene early.  The Juvenile Drug Court program is a twelve-month program designed to provide intensive family treatment and build skills to prevent relapse into further drug use.
Adult Chemical Abuse
For adults struggling with substance abuse issues we offer multiple services to meet their individual needs. We provide individualized care in the way of alternative hours whether it be during the day or evening to facilitate one’s ability to successfully navigate the recovery process. We offer individual counseling sessions, day and evening group therapy. We have gender specific groups. We recognize that treatment should not be a standardized process as each individual is unique and should be treated that way so treatment is tailored in a way that ensures that each voice is heard and respected. The Caroline Counseling Center has the ability to refer Adults needing inpatient substance abuse services and also provides Care Coordination for case management purposes. Those individuals that meet the criteria for inpatient treatment have access to case management through the Caroline Counseling Center following discharge. Family counseling services are also provided and strongly encouraged as this is an important facet of long-term recovery.  We also provide access to Physician assisted Suboxone Therapy to those suffering from Opioid Dependence seeking medication assisted treatment in conjunction with outpatient counseling.
Treatment for Those With Co-Occurring Disorders
The Addictions Program, in conjunction with Caroline County Mental Health Services, offers group and individual counseling for individuals suffering from dual disorders.  In order to be a member of the Co-Occurring Disorders Group, an individual must be a client of both the Addictions Program and the Mental Health Program and actively participate in treatment for both his/her addiction and mental health disorders.  Group counseling consists of a 24-week program of classes followed by guided discussion.  Mental health and addiction topics are interspersed.  These groups are co-facilitated by a Substance Abuse Counselor and a Social Worker. All clients are encouraged to participate in some type of 12-Step Support Group or Recovery Oriented Support System.


The Caroline County Alcohol/Drug Prevention Program philosophy is based upon the concept of "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."  Our goal is to promote the personal and social growth of the individual to his or her maximum potential and deter the use of alcohol or other drugs.  The Prevention Office is a free service to the community to use as a local resource.  Prevention Office employees are available to speak to groups on alcohol and other drugs. 


The Prevention Office offers Narcan Trainings.  Narcan is a life-saving medication that can quickly restore the breathing of a person who has overdosed on heroin or prescription opioid pain medication like oxycodone, hydrocodone, morphine, fentanyl or methadone.  For more information or to receive the training call 410-479-1882.


The Prevention Office assists community groups, agencies, and individuals in providing programs and activities to prevent alcohol and other drug abuse, and to build a healthier community.


The Drug Free Caroline Coalition is also administered through the Prevention Office. 


The goal of the coalition is to reduce underage drinking and drug use by using a variety of techniques.  The Coalition is composed of members from law enforcement, Board of Education, local parenting groups, health department employees, liquor licensing board and the general public. 


If you are interested in serving on the Coalition, please contact the Prevention Office at 410-479-8164.   ​


Midshore Opioid Misuse Prevention Program

Resources - Phone Numbers
  Alcoholics Anonymous Midshore Intergroup Office
  Narcotic Anonymous Bay Area Help Line
  Mid-Shore Council for Family Violence
  Alanon/Alateen Meeting Information
  Maryland Youth Crisis Hotline
  Co-dependents Anonymous
  Chemical Dependence Anonymous