Public Water/Sewer Facilities

Building permits are processed through the incorporated towns. They will require health department approval to process all building permits. Applications are available from the town.
Towns with public water/sewer facilities MUST verify though Environmental Health the adequacy of said facilities before issuing permits for new construction.
NOTE: Not all incorporated towns investigate complaints or spray for mosquitoes, suggest you contact your town office (listed below) to see what programs they offer their residents.
Incorporated Towns on Public Water/Sewer are:
Note that some parcels may have private well/septic and may have been recently incorporated into town limits. These parcels will need to connect to the town's water or sewer system according to the town's master water and sewer plan.
  • Denton; Phone: 410/479-2050; FAX 410/479-3534
  • Federalsburg; Phone 410/754-8173; FAX 410/754-9269
  • Greensboro; Phone 410/482-6222; FAX 410/482-7429
  • Preston; Phone 410/673-7929; FAX 410/673-2963
  • Ridgely; Phone 410/634-2177; FAX 410/634-1343
Other Incorporated Towns on Private Well and Septic are:
  • Goldsboro; Phone: 410/482-8805
  • Henderson; Phone: 410/482/2193
  • Hillsboro; Phone: 410/820-1559
  • Marydel; Phone: 410/482-2394
  • Templeville; Phone: 410/482-2474