Pools and Spas

Public pools and spas are required to have a permit.
Current fee and Workmen's Compensation Insurance Certificate must accompany application before inspection can be scheduled. Renewal applications are sent out in April or May.
All pools requiring a permit to operate must have a "PRE-OPENING" inspection before renewal permits are issued.
Proposed projects will require Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and local environmental health department approval before applying for the pool permit. Contact the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene at 410 767-8423 and our local environmental health department  at 410/479-8045 to schedule an appointment with a sanitarian.
Also, if you are proposing a pool for private use only on a property that is served by a private well and/or septic system, a "Water/Sewer Verification" must be completed before the pool permit will be processed.