​Plat Block Wording​​​​ Plat Review​ Plat Protocol​

Plat Review
All subdivision plats*, whether on public water and/or sewer or well and/or septic, must be reviewed and signed by Environmental Health prior to recording in Land Records. 
Subdivision and lot line revision plats are routed through Planning and Zoning. The applicant should be prepared to pay the appropriate fee, which is based on our fee schedule depending the specifics of the proposal. Keep in mind that other fees are due to other agencies when the plats are submitted, contact Planning and Zoning at 410/479-8100 for more details. 
It is REQUIRED that before submitting plats for any project to check with the Planning Office at 410/479-8100 to ensure compliance with local  regulations.  Also, if project involves property that has existing home with private well and septic systems  or farmland that has irrigation wells then a Water and Sewer Verification (AKA:  WSV) must be processed before the plats can be submitted formally.  WSV is also required before perc applications can be processed in cases where existing wells and septic systems are on the parcel of record.​

*A Water and Sewer Verification is not required in situations where an applicant consolidates improved or unimproved parcels or lots.  However, the plat may be required to show improvements and existing wells and septic systems.