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- Per Resolution #2005-004 - Effective April 20, 2005
- Supersedes Resolution No. 97-014 - Effective July 8, 1997
Cash, check or money order payable to "Caroline County Health Department"
Amount Description
Free Authorization Form
Free Bay Restoration Fund Application
$30.00 Bird Permit (AKA: Psittacine Bird Facilities) contact office for application
$0.25/page Copying fee, $1 minimum
$180.00 Food Service Permit - Low Priority Facility Application
$250.00 Food Service Permit - Moderate-High Priority Facility Application
$120.00 Food Service Plan Review, Low Priority
$500.00 Food Service Plan Review, Moderate-High Priority
$30.00 Environmental Health Surveys:
- Adoption         - Day Care               
- Project Homes
- Foster Care     - Adult Day Care      
- Misc. Institutions
$180+$6/site Mobile Home Park Application
$120.00 Mobile Home Park, 2nd re-inspection
$120.00 Natural Bathing Beach Application
$150/lot Plat Evaluation Application
- Major Subdivision (private septic)
$70/lot Plat Evaluation Application
- Major Subdivision (public water/sewer)
$180.00 Plat Evaluation Application
- Minor Subdivision (private septic)
$90.00 Plat Evaluation Application 
- Property Lot Line Revision
- SRA revision
$30.00 Pool Application - limited use
$120.00 Pool Application - public and semi-public
$30.00 Property Status Report
$30.00 Psittacine Bird Facilities
$5.00 Rabies Vaccination (per animal) Call 410 479 8045 between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. to preregister your pet(s). 
- Three clinics offered per year (May, June, and September)
$1 MINIM Records Search Form
$120.00 Recreational Camp Permit Application
$250.00 Sanitary Contractor's License Application (INSTALLERS)
$250.00 Sanitary Contractor's License Application (HAULER)
$480.00 Sanitary System Construction Permit Application - New
- Standard        - Replacement Home      - Additional Bedrooms/Flow to Ex. Home
- Sand Mound (Specs from soil consultant must accompany application.)
$200.00 Sanitary System Construction Permit Application
- Repair: Failing
$75.00 Sanitary System Construction Permit Application
- Septic Tank Only
$75.00 Sanitary System Construction Permit Application
- Grease Trap Only

Sanitary System Construction Permit
- Modification/Extension

$270.00/site Soil/Site Evaluation Application - Soil Test
$300.00/site Soil/Site Evaluation Application - Wet Season 
$300.00/site Soil/Site Evaluation Application - Mound Test 
$300.00/site Soil/site Evaluation Application - Transfer Development Right  (AKA Wet Season)
$40.00 Water Sewer Verification Application

$160** Well Permit Application
**fees vary depending on type of well
General Provisions
         A. Fees are to be remitted upon application for a service.
         B. Fees can be reimbursed, minus a processing charge of $25, within 6 months of the date of application, provided that a site visit/inspection or permit/license has not been completed/issued.  
         C. All permits/licenses are valid for one year from the date of issuance or until the normal yearly expiration date of such permit/license. Fees are not prorated for the time period until normal expiration of the permit/license.
        D. Soil-site evaluation fees are for evaluation of the immediate area noted on the application at which test sites are prepared. Additional areas to be evaluated require a separate completed application.
Date of Last Revision:  February 2017
Resolution No 2005-004, April 20, 2005.​