Welcome to the Maryland State Board of Social Work Examiners' (BSWE) website. The purpose of the Board of Social Work Examiners is to regulate the practice of Social Work in the state of Maryland. The BSWE is a state agency under the administration of the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. It is a special funded public agency (funds are generated from collecting fees) and mandated by law to protect the public in three ways:

Setting the Standards

The Board is mandated by statute to license social workers in Maryland and to develop, control and enforce education and practice standards for social workers practicing in Maryland.

Maintaining the Standards

The Board investigates complaints to determine whether social workers are in compliance with the requirements set forth in statute and regulations. Where violations are discovered, the Board will take action as described in the complaint process section.

Information Resources

The Board can provide information about the practice of social work and the Maryland laws and regulations governing licensure and discipline, and the status of a license. Questions may be via phone, e-mail or letter.