Yerby, Claudette PTA LN: A1185 - Date of Order (7/20/2004) 
Suspension for One year with all but 30 days stayed;
(suspension to begin 09/01/2004; then; three year probationary period will follow.
Probation Terminated - 6/20/2007. License is in Good Standing

Yurganov, Boris PTA LN: A3178
Date of Order (06/19/2012 Suspension of 30 (Thirty Days), all stayed. Probation of two years
Date of Order (7/17/2007) Probation for a minimum of 2 years.
Probation completed 7/21/09. License is in Good Standing.
Date of Order (10/24/2007) Order modification.
Date of Order (7/17/14) Probation terminated