Walker, Tessa Marie PTA LN: A2879 - Date of Order (2/20/2007) 
Suspended for 30 days with Two year probationary period.
Two year probationary period is extended to run for a period of two years from 7/17/07.
Probation completed 7/21/09. License is in Good Standing

Wasserman, Scott PT LN: 18355 - Date of Order (5/20/2003) 
One year Probation.
Probation completed 5/20/04. License is in Good Standing

Wattay, Ellen PT LN: 13600 - Date of Order (1/17/2006) 
License Revoked.

Weil, Sharon D. PTA, LN: A1042 - Date of Order (11/28/2012)

Weisman, Brian PT LN: 18749 - Date of Order (11/18/2008) 
Probation for Two years, Fine of $2,000. Removed from Probation effective 12/21/2010.
License is active and in good standing.

 West, Pam, PT LN: 15422 - Date of Order (11/19/2010)
 Summarily Suspended.

Westwood, Thomas R. PTA LN: A2268 - Date of Order (4/18/2006) 
Two month suspension, stayed (correction); Two year probationary period.
Removed from Probation 4/18/08. License is in Good Standing

White, Justin PT LN: 17554 - Date of Order (7/22/2003) 
Reprimand; Two year probationary period Probation completed 7/22/05
License is in Good Standing

Williams, James A. PT LN: 17429 - Date of Order (6/11/2003) 
One year suspension which is stayed; and a One year probationary period.
Probation completed 6/17/04. License is in Good Standing

Williamson, Catherine A. PTA LN:A2988 
Date of Order (7/29/13)
 Reprimand, 2 year probationary period
Date of Order (10/27/15) Release from probation

Willis, Donna PT LN: 16560 - Date of Order (10/28/2003) 
Two year suspension all but 30 days stayed; Two year probationary period.

Winn, Tessa  P. PTA LN: A3277 - Date of Order (7/3/2013) 
Repremand, $400 Fine