Tameris, Carol PT LN: 19922 - Date of Order (3/17/2009) 
Suspended for One year Effective 4/1/09, with all but 90 days stayed. Fine of $5,000.
Two year Probation to follow. Suspension ended 6/30/09. Probation begins 7/1/09.
Removed from probation effective Dec. 15, 2009. License is active and in good standing.

Tamukum, Patrice PT, LN: 22817 Date of Order (3/27/15)
License Revolked

Tapangan, Jonas PT LN: 18854
Date of Order (1/15/2002)   Reprimand, One year Probation, must take Board approved Law course.
Date of Order (1/1/2006)     Six months suspension with all but 30 days stayed;
Probationary period of Two years to begin immediately following suspension on January 31, 2006.
Probation completed January 31, 2008. License is in Good Standing.

Targan Robert Date of Order (5/19/2009) 
Assessed a Civil Fine of $50,0000

Tennis, Scott PT LN: 19706 - Date of Order (11/18/2008) 
Probation for Two years, Fine of $1,500
Removed from Probation effective 12/21/2010 License is active and in good standing.​