Sadanala, Rajakumar, PTA, LN:A2904 - Date of Order (3/14/14)
Suspension for 1 year upon reinstatement, probation for 3 years, fine of $5,000

Sanghvi, Tejal MukeshPT LN: 21350 - Date of Order (4/20/2010)
Surrender of license.

Schaffer, Sheila PT LN: 16039 - Date of Order (5/20/2003) 
Two year Probation or until completion of certain conditions;
Probation completed 5/20/05. License is in Good Standing

Schmidt, Jr Raymond LN: 17413 - Date of Order (4/2/2004) 
Suspension, 6 months, stayed; Two year probationary period.

Schmitt, Michael G. PT LN: 17700
Date of Order (10/28/2003) Reprimand
Date of Order (3/16/04)         Supplemental Order

Schwab, Sonya PTA Applicant - Date of Order (10/3/2012)
Probation for 2 yrs; effective day licensed.
Schwab, Sonya, PTA, LN:A3884 - Date of Order (2/21/14)
Modification Order
Schwab, Sonya PTA, LN: A3884 Date of Order (1/20/15)
Probation terminated

Selwyn, Pamela PTA LN: A2393 - Date of Order (11/15/2005) 
Consent Agreement and Fine

Shelton, Carol L. PT LN: 16300 - Date of Order (10/15/2002) 
One year suspension with all but 120 days stayed, then a Two year probationary period.

Shelton, Karen PT LN: 17169 - Date of Order (6/1/2002) 
One year suspension with all but 60 days stayed, then a Two year probationary period;
must take Board-approved law course and quarterly employer reports.

Sickel, Mark ATC (unlicensed) Date of Order (3/15/2011)
Monetary penalty of $20,000 - unauthorized practice of physical therapy

Silverstein, Ira, PT, LN:15007 - Date of Order (1/3/14) 
License Revoked 

Simmes, Andrew PTA LN: A2405 - Date of Order (7/20/2004) 
Suspension, stayed; One year Probation.

Smith, Stephen PT LN: 20664 - Date of Order (2/16/2010)

Speer, Patrick, Unlicensed - Date of Order (5/21/2013)       
$25,000 fine

Stanwix, Jeremy PT LN: 19678 - Date of Order (5/20/2003) 
Two years Probation.
Probation completed 1/16/07. License is in Good Standing

Steinberg, Steven PT LN: 16801 - Date of Order (5/20/2003) 
One year Probation.
Probation completed 5/20/04. License is in Good Standing

Sui, Damon, PT LN:14951 - Date of Order (11/3/2016)
Suspention for 1 year (Stayed), probation for 4 years.

Sutton, Christine PTA LN: A1878 - Date of Order (9/18/2007) 
One year Probation and Fine of $500.00.
Probation completed 12/11/07. License is in Good Standing​