Palaniswamy, Vijayakumar PT LN: 21367
Date of Order (5/16/2006) Suspension
Date of Order (6/28/2007)  License has been Revoked Permanently
and not eligible for reinstatement at any time.

Palmer, Douglas PT LN: 16898 - Date of Order (3/29/2007) 
Suspended for One year with all but 60 days stayed.
Deferred until licensee is reinstated, then Two years Probation and Fine
Date of Order (4/18/2012)  Proposed Decision.
Date of Order (4/13/2013)  Upon reinstatement-One year suspension, followed by one year probation   

Patterson, Kellie C. PTA LN: A1545 - Date of Order (5/20/2003) 
One year Probation. Probation completed 6/15/04 .
License is in Good Standing

Peralta, Cary PT LN: 20583 - Date of Order (9/18/2007) 
One year Probation; Fine of $2,000. Modification of Order Effective 2/19/08
Probation completed 7/19/08. License is in Good Standing

Potler, Randi PT LN: 20680 - Date of Order (12/16/2008) 
Probation for Two years; Fine of $1,000
Removed from probation effective 12/16/2010. License is active and in good standing.​