Landiataiyero, Khepera Y. - formerly known as Karen Shelton - order under Shelton, Karen
Date of Final Order (12/15/2009)- Surrender of license 

Ledwell, Marguerita PT LN: 15432 - Date of Order (1/17/2006) 
Six month suspension (stayed); Three year probationary period

Lenchert, Christine PT LN: 15658
Date of Order (2/5/2008)        Suspension of One year with all but 60 days stayed; Two years Probation
Date of Order (2/5/2008)        One year suspension, with all but 60 days stayed, Fine of $5,000
Date of Order (12/16/2008)   Fine rescinded; this is a modification to a Formal Ord​er.
March 20, 2009 Removed from Probation; License is in Good Standing

Leibman, Melissa S. PTA LN: A1719 - Date of Order (5/20/2003) 
One year Probation.
Probation completed 10/19/04. License is in Good Standing

Lewis-Felton, Yolanda PTA LN: A1616 - Date of Order (9/23/2003) 
Two year suspension, stayed; Two year probationary period

Liew, Shannon PT LN: 19548 - Date of Order (6/25/2008) 
Application for reinstatement denied for Two years​