Kanji, Ali D., PT LN: 22133
Date of Order (5/1/2017) $5000 fine, two year probation

Khayat, Marwan PT  LN: 21674- Date of Order (11/5/2009)
Summary Suspension

Katz, Gary A. P.T  LN: 17497
Date of Order (6/27/2011)
Probation for 5 years, Fine $5,000 and a $20,000 anonymous charitable contribution.
Date of Order (9/28/2016) Release from Probatation

Keyser, Patricia PTA LN: A2055 - Date of Order (5/20/2003) 
One year Probation
Probation completed 12/7/04. License is in Good Standing

Kwash, Kenneth PT LN: 16019 - Date of Order (4/20/2010)
Order effective 30 days from date of signing by the Board (May 30, 2010).
Suspension for two years, all but four months stayed, thereafter probation for two years.​