Eckley, Lynne PTA LN: A1123
Date of Order (6/15/2004) 30 days Suspension; then a 3-year probationary period
Date of Order (6/21/2005)  Surrender of License

Edgar, Dennis PTA :LN: 1980 Date of Order (4/4/2011)
Two years probation

Edwards, Ramona PTA LN: A1469 Applicant for Reinstatement.
Date of Order (10/20/2009).
Must successfully complete national licensing exam. Upon reinstatement,
shall be immediately placed on probation for a minimum of three years
Edwards, Ramona W. PTA LN: A1469 Date of Order (12/6/2012) 
Removed from Probation

Eisenbeiss, Sheilani PT LN 22384 Date of Order (4/19/2011).
Reprimand, probation of one year, $1,200 fine.

Eisenhour, Michael PT LN:22279 -
Date of Order (6/26/15)
 2 year probation
Date of Order (9/25/2017)  Release from probation

Engler, Diana PT LN: 17448 - Date of Order (5/20/2003) 
Two year probationary period
Probation completed 5/20/05. License is in Good Standing

Ekhator, Cassius PTA, LN: - Date of Order (12/20/2011)
Application for License Denied.

Eyong, Alice, PT, LN:21282 -
Date of Order (9/6/2013)
 $250 fine, 1 year probation
Date of Order (10/27/14) Probation terminated

Eyrich, Jennifer PTA LN: A2763 - Date of Order (5/15/2007) 
Application for reinstatement is denied​​