Adepoju, Adeyinka, PT LN: 20517
Date of Order (4/25/2017) $5000 fine, two year probation 

Anderson, Anthony PTA, LN: A1168 -
Date of Order (7/22/14)
 Summary Suspension
Date of Order (10/21/14) Child Support Suspension
Date of Order (1/20/15) Summary Suspension lifted, 5 year probation
Date of Order (5/18/15) Child Support Suspension
Date of Order (5/20/15)  Suspension Lifted, License reinstated
Date of Order (8/13/15)  Summary Suspension
Date of Order (10/26/15) Intent to Revoke

Angeles, Jennifer PT LN: 20441 - Date of Order (9/18/2007) 
One year probationary period; Fine of $2,000.
Modification of Order Effective February 19, 2008. Probation completed July 15, 2008.
License is in Good Standing

Ashdown, Linda PT LN: 15450 - Date of Order (9/19/2006) 
Six month suspension (stayed); Two year probationary period.
Removed from Probation effective 6/21/2011. License is active and in good standing.

Ayers, George PT LN: 14444 - Date of Order (3/10/2003) 
Voluntary Surrender of License​​​