Temporary License

Who is eligible?  A temporary license may be issued only to an applicant pending the results of the next regularly scheduled national certification exam.  The candidate must meet other requirements for licensure and must provide specified documentation relative to exam eligibility.

What are the requirements?  A completed application form, $200 application fee, two moral character forms (until January 31, 2018), a completed State and FBI Criminal History Records Check​ (beginning February 1, 2018), an eligibility letter to sit for the PES exam, verification from any state or country in which you were licensed, 24 contact hours (if it has been more than 1 year since graduation), and successful completion of the Board's jurisprudence exam.  An applicant checklist is provided for your convenience.

Where can I find application forms?  All forms can be obtained by visiting the Forms page or clicking on the links on the right side of this page.

What is the cost?  $200.  You must mail in your check or money order.  Scanned copies are not accepted.

Will I pay another fee for an official license?  No.  Once the Board receives your passing examination score, your file will automatically be forwarded for an initial license.

What will happen to my temporary license if I do not take, or do not pass, the national exam?  Your temporary license will be voided.  You may apply for a second temporary license.  You are not licensed to practice in Maryland until you are issued a second temporary license.

What is a second temporary license?  A second temporary license is available for those applicants who do not pass the certification test or did not sit for the exam before the eligibility expiration date. 

What is needed for a second temporary license?  An Application Confirmation Notice from PES for the next regularly scheduled exam and payment of $50 fee to MBOT.

What is the time frame?  Temporary licenses are issued within 5 business days of application completion.