In accordance with Title 10-301 (a) of the Occupational Therapy Practice Act, you must be licensed by the Board of Occupational Therapy Practice in order to practice occupational therapy in Maryland.

The Board licenses Occupational Therapists and Occupational Therapy Assistants.

The Board issues:

Time Frame

80% of the completed applications for initial and reinstatement licensure qualify as routine, are reviewed internally, and then ratified by the Board at its monthly Board meeting on the third Friday of every month.  Special case applications are reviewed by the Applications Review Comittee on a case by case basis.  These include character/fitness/disciplinary history issues, no preapproved continuing competency requirement hours, and/or a lapse in practice of 3 or more years.

The process for temporary licensure can take 5 business days from the time that a complete application is received by the Board Office.

Refer to "Frequent Questions" for ways to expedite the licensure process.

Pricing - Fees and dates fluctuate. Please contact the Board for pricing.

Application Fee:  $200

2nd Temporary License Fee:  $50

Reinstatement Fee:  $225 - $450

Reactivation Fee:  $123 - $245


Contact our office at 410-402-8556,