​​​Complaint Process

Complaint Form

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How does one go about making a complaint against a licensed or certified Professional Counselor or Therapist?

Individuals may file complaints with the Board of Professional Counselors & Therapists (PCT). Please complete the Complaint form, print it and SIGN the form before mailing it to:

Edward Fox

 Health Occupational Investigator

 Board of Professional Counselors & Therapists

4201 Patterson Avenue

Baltimore, MD 21215

(Tel) 410-764-4877


What happens when a complaint is received?

The Board reviews all complaints. If the Board believes that there may be a violation of the PCT Practice Act (the Act), the compliant is referred for investigation.After the investigation is completed, the Board can vote to dismiss the matter if it is determined that there has been no violation of the Act.If there has been a violation of the Act, the Board may take informal action by issuing a Letter of Education or a Letter of Admonishment to the Counselor or Therapist. These are nonpublic documents and are not subject to disclosure to anyone but the licensee or Certificate holder.The Board may vote to charge the Counselor or Therapist with the particular violation of the Act. At that time, the case is referred to the Office of the Attorney General for prosecution. The case may be resolved with a Case Resolution Conference or may proceed to a hearing. Either of these could result in formal disciplinary action, such as the license of the Counselor or Therapist being suspended or revoked, or the licensee being placed on probation. This information is public. The complainant is informed in writing of the results of the Board's investigation. The investigative process usually takes three months and some situations may take longer depending on various factors. If the investigation is referred to the Office of the Attorney General for prosecution, the process is lengthened substantially. There are eighteen (18) possible grounds for discipline contained in the Maryland Statute governing the practice of PCT. (Health Occupations Title 17 -509.)
In addition, a complaint may be brought against a licensee due to a violation of the Code of Ethics. (Code of Maryland Regulations 10.58.3)
The Board may deny a license to any applicant, fine a licensee, reprimand any licensee, place any licensee on probation, or suspend or revoke a license if it is determined that an applicant or licensee has violated the statute or regulations governing the practice of Counseling.​