Audiologists and Speech-Language Pathologists Policy for Approval of Continuing Education Programs

The Board's review of continuing education programs focuses on the content of the program. The time of day and location of the program are not considered in the review of a program. Each request for continuing education is reviewed on an individual basis. Additional justification may be requested by the Board in determining the approval of a program.

Approved Programs

Programs sponsored by ASHA or MSHA are automatically approved by the Board. Programs approved by ASHA or MSHA for continuing education are approved by the Board in most instances. If in doubt, request prior approval of the program.

Programs meeting the following criteria will be approved for continuing education:

  • A program that presents new knowledge or increased knowledge and professional competence in:
    • the area of licensure
    • an appropriate related area
    • practice management
    • A program that offers training and development to enhance professional skills
  • Examples of approved activities directly in speech-language pathology and/or audiology include:
    • academic coursework taken at accredited colleges or universities
    • local, regional, national, or international conferences
    • lectures, workshops, or in-services programs
    • other professional activities such as books, papers, publication, or audio- visual materials
  • Examples of related ac tivities include:
    • Computer courses or systems that enhances productivity
    • Courses that will help a licensee work with parents and their children
    • A speech-language pathologist taking an audiology course and vice versa

Policy for Audio/Videotape and Home Study Approval

An audio or videotape of an approved program is automatically approved for credit. If the tape is presented at an in-service, the person sponsor ing the program can document attendance. If the tape is heard or viewed by an individual licensee, it must have a post- test that the licensee passes to be eligible for approval for credit continuing education.

Effective June 1, 2000, all home study activities must have a post-test. The post-test must be completed successfully for CEU's to be granted. There will be no limit on the number of credit hours that can be earned through home study activities as long as proof of passing the post-test is obtained. Also, licensee's notes will no longer be accepted as documentation of home study activities.

Programs Not Approved

  • Programs focusing on the following will not be approved:
    • a program which provides general orientation to a work setting or concerns routine administrative and supervisory activities.
    • a program which is work setting specific and provides information on customs, rules, procedures, social orientation, etc.
    • an activity to develop or revise workplace materials.

Determining the Number of Continuing Education Units

The number of CEU's are approved on a clock hour basis. One hour verified attendance equals one CEU, with the exception of poste r sessions, which are limited to one hour per meeting. One CEU = .1 ASHA credit. Credit is not given for breaks, business meetings, exhibits or lunch ( unless a speaker is scheduled).