Stakeholder Workgroup


The Department has also established four stakeholder workgroups that will help support the work of the broader advisory panel. Each workgroup will examine research, data, and reports related to one of four barriers to care  social, clinical, legal, and economic. The workgroups will then provide recommendations to the advisory panel about ways to better address barriers, prevent interruptions in treatment, and improve health outcomes.
Co-chairs will be selected  based on their professional background and expertise  to manage the workgroup meetings. Co-chairs will be responsible for:
  • Setting the agenda for workgroup meetings;
  • Distributing materials to workgroup members for review; 
  • Facilitating discussion; and
  • Working with staff to produce a final report. 
Members of the public are invited to serve on the stakeholder workgroups. Each workgroup will have the opportunity to present data, reports, and recommendations to the advisory panel. DHMH will provide staff support for each workgroup.
Below is a brief summary of the four workgroups:
  • The economic work group will examine economic barriers that may limit access to care, such as housing, income, and health coverage;
  • The social workgroup will examine demographic factors  race, immigration status, language, culture, and gender  that may be barriers to care;
  • The legal workgroup will research existing federal and Maryland Laws/regulations that impact the state’s behavioral health system and provide an analysis of the laws of other states that have been enacted to improve continuity of care; and
  • The clinical workgroup will examine factors such as: service delivery, medication, quality of care, types of evaluations, and inpatient/outpatient treatment that may limit access to care.