Other Integration Work

Read comments received on the Behavioral Health Integration Report

System options

Draft Options Paper

Next round of meetings are scheduled (click this link for locations) posted 11/02/2011

Medicaid seeks comments on potential changes to how it contracts with MCO's. Opportunity to offer ideas on Selective Contracting.

DHMH is hiring a consultant to meet with stakeholders and develop options for financing an integrated system of care. The consultant's initial approach is described here. Data for stakeholders is not yet available. The data is still under development and will be posted on the web site when it's available.

Maryland Health Home Initiative

Agency collaboration

ADAA and MHA will be collaborating in implementing steps for integration in Maryland. We will post updates on cross-agency activities here.

Feedback Requested: SB610 Overdose Response Program (Naloxone) Regulations (Posted: 05/22/2013)

SAMHSA integration site

Secretary's July 14 memo on integration

Behavioral Health Analysis - presented to MD State Department of Health and Mental Hygiene Alcohol and Drug Abuse Administration by Health Management Consultants, LCC