Overdoses on opiates have reached epidemic proportions and MD MATRS (Maryland Medication Assisted Treatment and Recovery Support) hopes to save lives.  This project increases enrollment in medication assisted treatment programs by offering buprenorphine (Suboxone) and methadone treatment services to overdose survivors.  Both medications have been shown to be highly effective for treating individuals with opioid dependence.  This project enhances and expands the substance treatment system to engage these individuals.  MD MATRS has implemented several innovative outreach and recovery support techniques such as outreach to overdose survivors in emergency rooms, increased use of interim Methadone Maintenance, and increased induction of buprenorphine at in-patient settings.  Peer support specialists (those who have life experience with opiates as well as specialized training) and other social supports will be used to facilitate this.  
The Behavioral Health Administration (BHA) was awarded a three year SAMHSA grant in two high risk communities- Baltimore City and Anne Arundel County.  Both areas have seen their opioid-related emergency room visits more than double since 2008, a significantly higher rate than the Maryland average.  Together, these two communities alone accounted for just over 41% of all Maryland’s opioid-related accidental (or undetermined) intoxication deaths from 2007 to 2013.  This project utilizes direct peer outreach to overdose survivors to recruit them into Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT), an evidence-based practice, at their greatest time of need.

Contact:  Larry Stevens, Project Director,




​Concerted Care Group
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​Daybreak Treatment Center (MedMark)
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​Tuerk House
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Anne Arundel County:

​​Anne Arundel County Health Dept. 


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