Pretrial Services

The OCEP Division of Pretrial Services is responsible for coordinating forensic evaluations ordered by the adult criminal courts of Maryland.  These orders may include
·         Pretrial evaluations for competency to stand trial, pursuant to Criminal Procedure §3-105
·         Pretrial evaluations for criminal responsibility, pursuant to Criminal Procedure §3-111
·         Presentence evaluations
·         Presentence evaluations for defendants convicted of sexual abuse of a minor pursuant to Criminal Procedure § 11-727
In addition to these evaluations, the Division oversees the ongoing re-evaluations of individuals found incompetent to stand trial who have been committed to MDH facilities pursuant to Criminal Procedure §3-106(b).  These re-evaluations are generally conducted by facility-based evaluators within or contracted to each MDH facility. 
The Division of Pretrial Services also administers the registration and reporting requirements of the State’s sex offender registration law (Criminal Procedure §§ 11-701 through 11-727) as it applies to individuals found not criminally responsible (NCR) for reportable sex offenses.  The Division issues policies for MDH facilities  in the registration and security of committed persons who are sex offenders, and consults with providers and facilities as needed to ensure that they assist offenders in complying with these requirements. 
As needed, the Division of Pretrial Services consults with MDH facilities regarding cases committed to them for evaluation or treatment. 
Finally, the Division of Pretrial Services trains MDH forensic evaluators and provides technical assistance for hospital and community providers on forensic issues as needed

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