Juvenile Pretrial Services

​​​The OFS Division of Juvenile Pretrial Services is responsible for providing pre-adjudication evaluations for competency to proceed in Juvenile court, pursuant to Courts and Judicial Proceedings § 3­-8A-17.1​.This does not include youth whose cases are proceeding through adult criminal court which are handled by the Division of Pretrial Services.  Unlike the adult criminal system, Juvenile Pretrial Services does not evaluate for criminal responsibility.

Juvenile Pretrial Services oversees competency attainment services and the ongoing re-evaluations of juveniles who have been found incompetent to proceed but attainable.  Competency attainment services may be provided in the home, an institution, a school setting, or other public place, as determined to be appropriate by the attainment provider and the OFS Juvenile Pretrial Services.

Juvenile Pretrial Services currently serves as the coordinating agency overseeing the Facility for Children, in collaboration with other relevant agencies including DHMH, DHR, DJS, and MSDE.  The Facility for Children provides placement for a small number of youths who have been found to be not competent but attainable and require placement.

The Division of Juvenile Pretrial services provides ongoing training for current/new evaluators and attainment providers, as well as other parties outside the department, including:

·         The Judiciary
·         Attorneys
·         Maryland Department of Juvenile Services

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