Justice Services-Addictions

​​​The Justice Services Unit is charged with monitoring and conducting Health-General § 8-505 court ordered evaluations and placing defendants into treatment under Health-General § 8-507 ​court orders.
Evaluations pursuant to HG § 8-505 are conducted to determine if criminal defendants or individuals convicted and serving sentences are amenable to alcohol/substance abuse treatment in lieu of serving or continuing to serve a criminal sentence.  These evaluations are conducted throughout the State of Maryland, and they require a motion by the individual’s defense attorney in order to proceed.
Defendants found amenable to treatment are assigned a level of care based on criteria set by the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM).  Should the court agree, and on a motion from the individual’s defense attorney, the court may order the individual into a treatment program at that level of care by signing an HG § 8-507 court order.  This order commits a defendant or sentenced individual to MDH, who assigns that individual to an appropriate treatment program. 
Evaluations are conducted by trained evaluators contracted to the Addiction Justice Services Division.  The Division provides ongoing training for current and new evaluators, as well as for other partners outside the department, including
  • Correctional personnel
  • Judiciary
  • Attorneys

​Residential Treatment Providers who are interested in serving the HG 8-507 court order population should review the HG 8-507 Treatment Provider Manual and HG 8-507 Treatment Provider Application​.   These documents can be located in the Forms Section. 
These forms are to be completed by HG 8-507 Treatment Providers.