Firearm Safety Act-Relief Process

​In accordance with the Firearm Safety Act of 2013, individuals who are voluntarily admitted to an inpatient psychiatric facility (either state, private or acute general), for a period of more than 30 consecutive days, or involuntarily certified and retained by an Administrative Law Judge in a civil commitment hearing may have to surrender their firearms and will be prohibited from owning or possessing firearma unless the individual is granted relief from firearm disqualification under the provisions of the Public Safety Article, 5-133.3. The Maryland Department of Health makes available to persons who are prohibited from possessing certain firearms a process to apply for relief from these prohibitions. The process is described in the link below. Please be aware that MDH's procedure applies only to disqualification that results from mental disorder as detailed in Public Safety 5-133.​
The following forms are needed to initiate the Appeal for Relief of Firearm Disqualifications.

And here is the law governing the firearm restoration process:

For more information on gun application and firearm certification visit the Maryland State Police at:

If you have questions, or if you need more information on the MDH firearms relief process, contact:

Firearm Restoration Unit
Behavioral Health Administration
Maryland Department of Health
55 Wade Avenue  Hill Building
Catonsville MD 21228
410 402-8701
Fax 410 402-8731