Standard Forms - Office of Procurement and Support Services

File Name
09/17Expert Witness Document
09/17Modification Template
09/17Business Associate Agreement
09/17No Substitution Form
06/10  Vendor Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Registration Request Form
5/18Template for RFP
09/17Bid Tabulation Form
09/17Human Service Funding Agreement
06/17Template for Multi-Step IFB
06/17Template for IFB
04/18Template for Sole Source/Emergency
09/17  Instructions Pertaining to the Duties & Responsibilities of Members DHMH of Evaluation Committees
02/14Report of Emergency Procurement Action COMAR 21.05.06
09/17Funds Certification
09/17Sole Source/No Substitute Procurement Justification for Commodities
09/17Evaluation Committee Impartiality Certification Form
09/17Comptroller's Verification Form
03/18Determination of Sole Procurement of Services   

Cover Sheets

File Name
09/17Contract Cover Sheet-Over $25,000
09/17Contract Modification Cover Sheet
09/17Contract Option Cover Sheet
09/17Contract Sole Source Cover Sheet-Over $25,000
09/17Contract Sole Source Cover Sheet Small Procurement
09/17Emergency Contract Cover Sheet-Over $25,000
09/17Telephone Solicitation Log (OPASS-SPTSL)
09/17Over $25,000

Minority Business Enterprise Forms

File Name
10/12DoIT RFR Template
09/17SBR MBE VSBE Checklist
07/11Subgoal Guidance Worksheet Final
07/11Subgoal Guidance Memo Final
07/11Subgoal Guidance Implementation Guidelines Final
11/22MBE Goal Set Form
08/02CFT Form

Small Business Reserve Program

File Name
11/22SBR Exemption Form

Veterans Small Business Enterprise

File Name
11/22VSBE Goal Setting Form

 Interagency Agreement Forms (IAs)

File Name
06/18IA Checklist
07/17IA Indirect Guidelines
07/17Human/Service/Education IA
5/18DBM pre-approval Mods & OPTs
5/18DBM pre-approval Original IA
02/18IA Option Cover sheet
02/18IA Modification Cover sheet
02/18IA Modification Template
12/17Interagency Report
3/18IA Fund Certification
02/18IA Cover sheet
6/18IA Template


DoIT Documents for BPW Approval

File Name
01/15​DOIT New Contract Agenda for BPW Mtg
01/15​DOIT Mod-Option Agenda for BPW Mtg


File Name
09/17Contract Management Tool
07/15Preston Street Garage Parking Request Form
08/02CFT Form
09/17Business Associate Agreement
Expert Witness Document
06/10Vendor Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Registration Request Form
MD Department of Human Resources Hiring Agreement
04/99Certification of Sole Source Status for Continuity of Care in Human Services Programs
09/17Toner Requisition Form
09/17Change of Name Modification Form for all Services Contracts
12/01Modification to the MD DHMH Human Services Funding Agreement
12/11DHMH Contract Compliance Monitoring Final
12/11DHMH Contract Compliance Monitoring Final


File Name
06/11Briefing for BPW Meeting

Contract Management

File Name
07/15Contract Management-Best Practices
09/17Contract Monitoring

Small Procurements

File Name
09/17Small Procurement Contract
09/17Small Procurement Quick Reference

Department of General Services (DGS)